Ortoplast is a Spanish Company with more over than 30 years experience in orthopaedic market.

Ramon Sambola, a chemical specialist in technical plastics was the Ortoplast’s founder.

We export technical raw materials not only in Europe, but also in America and Asia.

Most of our products are developed by our own in collaboration with other  Spanish and CEE plastic’s and technical’s foams industries


 At our warehouse we have more than 350 references for immediately delivery.


We prepare your order the same day we receive it in order to be send immediately by UPS, Fedex and DHL.


ORTOPLAST thermoplastics Is labeled with our trade names  

We export in Europe, America and Asia, custom colors; different sheet's sizes are available.


ORTOPLAST not only sells plastics at industrial prices, Ortoplast is also very competitive in foams and resins for laminating as well as other orthopedic raw   materials