Ortoplast with more than 30 years of experience in the world of technical plastics. It was founded by Ramon Sambola, a plastics chemist. Mr. Ramon worked in the 70s at Rohm and Haas. It is currently called Evonic. Company located in Germany.
We started manufacturing our first plastic sheets in the 80s.
The supervision and selection of the best raw materials of specialized polyolefin petrochemicals, was fundamental for the current family of plastics.
Today our quality and price allow us to compete with the big international companies.

We are specialists in adapting, reformulating industry materials for the orthopedic sector.

The result is families of Foams SHOCKICEL®  and exclusive plastics 


In our warehouse of 1000 square meters, we have in stock more than 350 references. for immediately delivery.


All orders of the day are delivered to our carriers. The same day of the order.
Export orders are usually sent in 2-3 days.


CAD CAM orthotic milling blocks

SHOCKICEL®AIR  polyutethane open cell foam 

CAD CAM milling blocks  

Excellent pressure distribution

Excellent cushioning

Dynamic correction

No loos the thickness 

Shore A 20 "sensible foots"  and Shore A  30 

Structural memory

Elastic recoil and energy returning properties

Durable and high load-bearing capacity

100% breathable

Free of humidity


TFI Thermoflex

TFI (Thermoflex) material is a new thermoplastic with an innovative and exclusive formula.

Its ease of molding (without limits) 80-100 C. Its transparency and finish allow us to make very aesthetic insoles

TFI is economically and technically a perfect alternative to "flexible composites" semi rigid plastics or resins

The stiffness and elasticity ratio are perfectly balanced, so the insoles made with our TFI allow dynamic correction.

Light and very comfortable.